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668 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

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4.0 stars 4.0 stars 
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Rating:  4.0 stars
July 16, 2010 by foodlover18

I was pleasantly surprised by Talia's. I randomly picked it for dinner because I wanted steak, but I needed fresh scenery - it's been my goal to eat steak in every steakhouse in the city, ever since I moved here 4 years ago. Talia's had eluded me. Naturally I ordered steak - prime rib for 1. It came very quickly - I was barely done with my soup. I am a steak-aficionado. The color was good, the charring sufficient, the juiciness proper. the meat was lean but tender and it melted like butter in my mouth. I was actually impressed with the mashed potatoes - there was something about them - I couldn't quite place it. I was sure they were not instant. I left satisfied and happy with my new find and right there, on the way out, I figured it out - the place is kosher. Those mashed potatoes were dairy-free, but oh so good. I am actually surprised their prices are so low - for meat that good, I would expect them to charge more, but hey who am I to complain.

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