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Siba Cucina

530 Northpointe Circle
Cranberry Township, PA
(724) 741-6000

Cuisine: Mediterranean

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2.3 stars 2.3 stars 
 based on 7 ratings
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Rating:  5.0 stars
August 6, 2012 by DMN

My wife went to Siba Cucina earlier this afternoon and loved everything about the restaurant. I'm not sure how different people can have such opposing reviews of the same establishment. She simply raved about every aspect of the place. She stated that the service wonderful, the food was phenomenal, and the atmosphere was over the top. The waitress even offered her a special appetizer that was gluten free to accommodate her diet. She said the ladies room was so clean and beautiful that she nearly took a picture of it. She rarely raves about an establishment to this degree. Thanks Siba for giving my wife and her 2 friends such a perfect afternoon.
Rating:  2.0 stars
Will not go again.
January 8, 2012 by Sophie

We have been to Siba before. Very disapointed. The menu is new and looks more like an advertisement. Limited selections. Ordered calamari and most of it was tiny pieces and was rubbery because it was over cooked. Food took 45 minutes to deliver and I did not get what I ordered but ate it anyway because I could not wait. For one mixed drink, one appetizer, 2 meals (one was chicken and the other spaghetti) the bill was $70.00. Criminal to have cost so much for such a poor eating experience.
Rating:  5.0 stars
Siba Cucina
October 23, 2011 by Terri

I have read over the other reviews posted and I have to report our dining experience. It was the first time we have ventured into Siba's we have heard such good things from friends and family. I can honestly say we enjoyed everything the restaurant had to offer. The food was excellent!!! We started out with an appetizer of stuffed banana peppers, the prime rib was nice and juicy, roasted red pepper chicken was devine, wedding soup was amazingly the best we ever had, and to finish things with chocolate mouse with amareto cream sauce was awesome. The service was the best we have ever experienced. I would recommend Siba's to everyone to try. We will definitly be back to enjoy the delicious food; service; decour.
Rating:  1.0 stars
What happened to what was once a fine restaurant?
July 4, 2011 by Adaml

We had a very disappointing dining experience on a recent trip to Siba. What was once our favorite steak salad had now turned into a plate full of white lettuce cores with very little color or flavor. That plate should have never left the kitchen. Even our wine was undrinkable. It had apparently been poured from a bottle that had been open for several days. Is this restaurant under new management? Whatever the case, we will not be back. I had always enjoyed Siba but Cranberry has many other restaurants to choose from.
Rating:  1.0 stars
Christmas party
December 7, 2010 by painmasterpa

We were very disappointed by the service and arrangement that was made. We were given wrong room, wrong menu and only two server among 30 people. I will not have recommend anyone to have any event at this restaurant
Rating:  1.0 stars
No Quality
August 7, 2010 by Anonymous Eater

Ordered the the lasagna yesterday, and it is nothing like it was a year ago. It was loaded with sauce, wasn't baked as before, and where were the noodles? It was all cheese and sause with burger chunks. It was worth $5.00, not $18.00. I will never go back.
Rating:  1.0 stars
What happened???
December 17, 2009 by Anonymous Eater

I have enjoyed this place for the last few years and now it has gone to the dogs! First did all the management leave?? I used to know all of the managers but now know no one. Second what happened to the food??? Did the chef leave? The quality has fallen off and looks as if no one cares any more, just food on a plate.. The last time I was there my steak ordered medium rare was half well done and half rare. Overall I will not be returning. I guess it was a good run of about four years but now I just wish they would get there old staff back so I can enjoy them again.

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