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Nezatys Cafe

360 Courthouse Rd #C
Gulfport, MS
(228) 897-2369

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1.0 stars 1.0 stars 
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Rating:  1.0 stars
Overpriced Poor Quality of Food
July 19, 2010 by MS Resident

This is a terrible local restaurant. The people are nice and friendly, yet barely competent. Do not waste your hard earned dollars in this establishment. They are way overpriced and the quality of the food is poor. Example: One sandwich on (Pepperidge farm sized bread) will be called something fancy drizzled with a little olive oil a (one) thin layer of ham, a piece of cheese and a few sprigs of lettuce or a piece of tomato will be put on it (never both) and then it is pressed. You get the choice of a side that is served in the little cups that in normal restaurants would be for salad dressing. All for the whopping price of $8.95 (with tax $9.58). Does not include a drink. Truly this is a rip off place for those who have no care for their dollars. How it remains in business is a mystery to me.

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