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3601 S McClellan St.
Seattle, WA
(206) 760-3400

Cuisine: Pizza / Italian

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4.0 stars 4.0 stars 
 based on 3 ratings
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Rating:  4.0 stars
Excellent food.
May 15, 2007 by Aaron

Located next to a really nice park is this small italian restaurant (although not so much pasta). The pizza and calzones are top notch and from the look of the salads, they are too. The staff is really friendly. Also there is a complete coffee bar as well. Definitely worth going and it won't break the bank.
Rating:  4.0 stars
Tasty pizza
February 3, 2007 by Carol

I have been to Mioposto twice for dinner and would say the pizza is possibly the best I've had. The thin crust is seasoned to match the pizza toppings, and overall quite tasty. The potato pizza is my favorite.

The dinner salad was also quite tasty (my husband also gave it a thumbs up even though he doesn't like salad).

The dessert also looked quite tasty although we didn't try it.

The only down-side is the lack of help on a weeknight despite it being quite busy.
Rating:  4.0 stars
Good Lunch
October 6, 2006 by Mike A.

I've been to Mioposto a couple of times for lunch and have enjoyed the food there both times. I've had an excellent meatball sandwich, an excellent turkey sandwich, and part of a really good potato pizza.

The crust is the best part of the pizza there: thin, crispy, and a bit salty.

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