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Lon's Cookin' Shack

3161 N Canyon Road
Provo, UT
(801) 374-5667

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2.3 stars 2.3 stars 
 based on 3 ratings
Tags: bar-b-que bbq downtown fried ham hot hush sauce southern turkey [Add/Edit Tags]

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Rating:  1.0 stars
Illegal Gift Certificates at Spanish Fork Store
November 10, 2010 by daveberk

I was excited to try Lon's in Spanish Fork for the FIRST time. I was going to order a large quantity of food for my local small business staff. We had PURCHASED some gift certificates online that expired ON 11/01/2010. We walked in ON 11/01/2010 and saw a sign on the door that they CHANGED the expiration to 10/31/2010! The employee gave us some lame excuse saying that the gift certificates were only good through 10/31/2010 and they had already "closed out" the accounting for October and would NOT honor my gift certificate! I asked the employee for the manager's phone number and then called the manager and got the same song and dance. (I then noticed that shortly thereafter the phone in the kitchen rang with an irate caller who chewed out the employee for giving out a phone number - I wonder who that was?) The employee then came back and asked if I was hungry and still wanted to order - I replied "No, I think I've lost my appetite!" And for that matter so has the rest of my company and everyone else I tell this story to. Beware dishonest (and STUPID) restaurants like Lon's Rip-Off Shack!
Rating:  2.0 stars
Spanish Fork- Not worth the money.
March 9, 2010 by Anonymous Eater

We ate last night at the new Lons in Spanish Fork. I can't believe we paid $16.00 for a 2 meat meal. We got 2 small cuts of brisket (pretty fatty cuts), a small dried up piece of sausage (way over smoked), some undercooked bbq beans and fried pickles. Oh! and we got the order of hushpuppies as we were leaving. Nice!! Was not worth the price. You bay $16.00 I expect a plate full of food. Your business will not last if you serve meal portions this size for that amount of money.
Rating:  4.0 stars
Best Southern Cookin' in Utah
January 11, 2008 by redfearnb

If y'all like Southern cookin' at its finest, then y'all are going to love Lon's Cookin' Shack! I lived in Houston, TX for two years where I really learned to appreciate fine cuisine from the South. In a constant search to find some of the South, wherever I live, Lon's Cookin' Shack came to my rescue. For Utah, its definitely the best BBQ I have found here, but that isn't to say that its perfect. The restaurant is a bit "homely", if I can put it that way. Its a little dirty, tacky, and sticky from BBQ sauces, so its just like having a backyard BBQ party at someone's house. The restaurant doesn't have any real aesthetic appeal, and it certainly isn't considered a fine dining establishment, but it is what the sign says. A great cookin' shack. So if you want BBQ, southern style, and nothing else, this is the perfect place for you.

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