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1211 Pine St
Seattle, WA
(206) 382-6095

Cuisine: Pizza

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5.0 stars 5.0 stars 
 based on 1 rating
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Rating:  5.0 stars
The pizza was awesome as always
January 20, 2007 by Anonymous Eater

"The pizza was awesome as always-- you gotta try pineapple and fresh tomato! The karaoke was much more fun than I imagined in a pizza place. Juliano and even a few walk-in customers sang with us. Totally cool. The dancing part was my least favorite. The Baltic Room is now charging for admission as of 9pm (instead of 10pm) and they don't start playing danceable music until after 11pm. It's starting to have less appeal to me, but I'm totally digging the pizza/karaoke part."

"I never would have thought that singing at the counter of a pizza place would be so much fun. It was good to meet everyone."

Carol Sullivan

"I enjoyed both the pizza and the guys singing."

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