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Hoyt Street Cafe

1131 NW Hoyt Street
Portland, OR
(503) 226-3451

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2.3 stars 2.3 stars 
 based on 4 ratings
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Rating:  4.0 stars
Breakfast is great
April 17, 2015 by User1

No review given.
Rating:  2.0 stars
No consistency
September 13, 2012 by Anonymous Eater

While I realize Hoyt Street Cafe is a learning experience for the people working there, the consistency is incredibly unreliable. From day to day the same food order can range from excellent to disgusting. Today I had a turkey sandwich and expected the finely sliced white meat I had on other occasions. What I received were hunks of turkey - both dark and white meat with pieces of skin, fat and gristle attached. I ended up picking out the white meat and trashing the rest. I agree that the prices are too high and the service can be sketchy. This endeavor is being backed by Aramark and so isn't likely to "fail" but success is a very distant hope for this little shop.
Rating:  1.0 stars
Very Strange Service
April 18, 2012 by vwstud80

I waited in line without being acknowledged. The two others in front of me probably felt the same way. The first person in line purchased a salad with chicken. The server discreetly put four small pieces of chicken in the salad and walked away as he gave the salad to the person. The person then said, I paid $3 for chicken? The server said they ran out and could give a coupon for the inconvenience. I was very upset at this point and walked away. This place is way to overpriced and the service sucks! This place will fail. From the beginning, the prices were to high. Sad because I really wanted a great place to eat nearby!
Rating:  2.0 stars
Don't Bother
December 16, 2011 by Anonymous Eater

This place is unfortunately bad. I work nearby and really wanted them to be good. I have gone four times and had consistantly bad food, slow, strange service, and it's really expensive for sandwich and soup $12.00. Boo, guess I'll have to give up on them.

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