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Europa Bistro

2515 N Proctor St
Tacoma, WA
(253) 761-5660

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3.0 stars 3.0 stars 
 based on 2 ratings
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Rating:  4.0 stars
Good but a little slow
January 4, 2009 by Anonymous Eater

I ate here recently for dinner with four friends. The food was good, though not exception and the price was typical for italian (which is a little high for dinner, in general).

All in all, the staff were friendly and nobody had any complaints about the food. Their bread and oil were excellent. I would go again, but then, I love italian.
Rating:  2.0 stars
Weird experience
August 7, 2007 by Aaron

A group of us recently went to Europa Bistro in Tacoma. First off we had significantly less than our reservation so we worked with managment to move to a smaller table to free up space for him. We also took a long time to figure out what we wanted to eat and drink. On top of that we wanted separate checks. We realize this is additional work, but we felt hassled by he that was taking the orders and dealing with us. We felt pressured with our selections of food and drinks. So that was all pretty negative.

That said the waiter/owner/whoever was very entertaining with singing and telling stories.

The food was good, but not great. I found the flavors to be a little bland. The wines were good. The bread and oil was good as well. Prices were high, which makes my bar for food high as well.

Given all this I am not likely to come back and will likely go try other restaurants.

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