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Don Pepe's Vesuvio

135-58 Lefferts Blvd
Queens, NY
(718) 845-7587

Cuisine: Italian

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3.7 stars 3.7 stars 
 based on 13 ratings
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Rating:  5.0 stars
None Better
August 17, 2012 by DUBES

I have been eating at Don Pepe's since I was a little kid growing up in Queens. It was the best then and is the BEST now. The Veal Don Pepe is unbelievable. They have a linguini dish with a light red onion and shrimp sauce that is to die for. The red wine is home made and delicious. Anyone who thinks this place isn't great should just go eat at White Castle and shut up. Thanks Don Pepe's YOUR THE BEST.
Rating:  1.0 stars
Ripped off.
July 25, 2012 by Anonymous Eater

This place is terrible. I'm still wondering why there are some good reviews for this place. The food was good when I went with 5 other people but the bill was ridiculously high and uncalled for. I'm in suspicion that the waiter ripped us off. Definitely not worth the price.
Rating:  1.0 stars
Highly Disapointed
June 17, 2012 by Anonymous Eater

I live in the neighborhood and heard good things about Don Peppe, decided to Go with my family. I'm going to keep this short and simple if you're not white don't ever step foot in this place. They will make your entire experience miserable!
Rating:  1.0 stars
January 20, 2012 by Anonymous Eater

From being seated and the waiter telling me what I was ordering is boring - just rude. The seafood salad is the worst ever. The veal could not be finished, worse my husband ever had, ever. My boring eggplant was ok. Then the check came and it was really overpriced! Most of it we could not eat, terrible. The service and the food is the worse we have ever experienced.
Rating:  1.0 stars
ITALIAN RIPOFF- watch out you're not a regular
June 2, 2011 by loveGUDFood

How dissapointing!!! I went with a friend who, like me, used to go here with our families when we were kids. We each had our favorite dishes we remembered and dreamed about.
Here's the ripoff: on the blackboard was the price for Jeffrey's favorite dish: Shrimp Luciano. The waiter had told us each dish will serve 2 people. The price was about $26.00 on the board. When the dish came out (shrimp in a sauce over pasta) I decided to order another dish for myself since I did not want the pasta.(Im not cheap).
When the check came, there was a $26.00 charge for his dish, and a $26.00 chargs for my dish.... PLUS $12.00. FOR what?? The waiter said the price on the board is only the appetizer price. The $12.00 was for the linguine ALONE. The waiter never mentioned this to us when we were ordering. Besides that thievery, the shrimp were a bit tough and not so big. I paid it like a lady and will never go back. The food wasn't nearly as good as either of us remembered anyway. Go to Carmine's in Manhattan for really good Italian. There's no comparison.
Rating:  5.0 stars
Outstanding, but bring CASH
May 13, 2011 by Kaye from CT

My husband and I sorta fell into this restaurant by accident years ago, and it's become a planned stop to and from JFK ever since.

I asked what kind of wines they had and was told Red and White. It's really all you need to know. Everything's great, maybe the best you'll get on this continent (unless your grandma's Italian). Don't ask too many questions, just enjoy!
Rating:  5.0 stars
The best by far.
April 5, 2011 by larrylaurelton

I moved to California 35 years ago and a trip back to NY includes a visit to Don Pepe's. It is the best I've ever had anywhere! I still dream of the baked clams.
Rating:  5.0 stars
Outstanding Restaurant
April 3, 2011 by Anonymous Eater

We just had dinner there for the first time,. We were a party of 6. The Baked Clams and the Linguini with clam sauce are outstanding. The chicken dish with red peppers was very good. It is a restaurant that we will return to again. Very good value. Service was also very good. House wine was delicious. Go and enjoy. I am sure you will agree.
Rating:  5.0 stars
The best food I ever had
November 4, 2010 by Anonymous Eater

The guy at the door is very nice and very good-looking just make sure u pay ur bill and the food is so good the best I ever had
Rating:  5.0 stars
Best Italian food ever
October 30, 2010 by DS

I love Don Pepe's I use to go there all the time when I lived in Queens. For the last 13 years I have live in Long island.
A bunch of us are getting together and going in November- Can't wait!!! Best Food ever!!!

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