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Abella Pizzaria

1946 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA
(253) 779-0769

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4.5 stars 4.5 stars 
 based on 13 ratings
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Rating:  5.0 stars
April 13, 2011 by Anonymous Eater

We have been customers of Abella's for over three years and always come back for more. I love that they deliver!
Rating:  5.0 stars
Best take out in Tacoma...
April 13, 2011 by Anonymous Eater

We have folks in our office ordering from Abellas every day of the week. The food is ALWAYS great and very generious proportions.
Rating:  3.0 stars
skip the pasta
February 5, 2010 by SusieHH

I love their barbeque chicken pizza and their garlic chicken pizza. their fettucine is great as well. i just bought their penne w/chicken and chipotle and, oh my what a huge disappointment! i didn't order a penne w/chicken and chipotle soup!! i seriously have enough sauce to take home, boil some more noodles, add some chicken and eat again! i mean, i guess yay for 2 meals in one price but seriously, this is a wow, in disappointment.
Rating:  4.0 stars
The Food Great... Service could be improved
August 1, 2009 by Anonymous Eater

Our company gets lunch from here all the time. The food is great. One of the delivery guys rides his skateboard into the front lobby however. The service inside the restaurant could definitely use some improvements.
Rating:  4.0 stars
Delivery customer
March 30, 2009 by Anonymous Eater

Very nice people and lots of pride in their pizza's
Rating:  4.0 stars
Very good
March 10, 2009 by Anonymous Eater

we get it delivered at the office all the time and it's great pizza for a great price! bonus... they deliver!
Rating:  4.0 stars
good food
August 22, 2008 by Anonymous Eater

Very good food at a reasonable price. They also deliver which makes it nice for us downtown workers.
Rating:  5.0 stars
July 8, 2008 by Anonymous Eater

Best pizza in Tacoma! but, It's Abella, not Abella's
Rating:  5.0 stars
Try the rest of the menu, too!
June 28, 2007 by Anonymous Eater

Not only are their pizza's super tasty, but their calzones are big enough for two meals, and their house salads are wonderful! Highly recommended!
Rating:  5.0 stars
They Put the Pazza in Pizza!
June 11, 2007 by curlygraphs

Maybe not conveniently located, but surely worth your effort to get one of Tacoma best pizza restaurants! They been around for more than 5 years serving more than just pizza. I would definitely put them in the ranking for Washington's best pizza restaurant. A cozy and quaint enviroment, you will find Abella's a great place to sit and meander at the passing foot traffic and city lights. All fingers up for Abella's Pizzeria!

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